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Enchiridion CMS version 3

This very website and the Saves-All-Comics web application are powered by my 3rd generation Enchiridion Content Management System. It utilizes the Flask framework with SQLAlchemy to build a robust backend capable of handling users, invitations, and their comic collections.


As an avid reader and purchaser of comics recently, I've been exploring which artists and writers I like best which lead me to readallcomics.com where I could browse to my hearts content, select which series I like the best, and then go purchase them for my collection. A nice, if not always convenient means of browsing comics. It was better than a torrent, at least.

Initially, the idea for Saves-All-Comics started as a proof-of-concept - could I even pull this off on a rudimentary level?

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Baltimore Vocal Jazz Ensemble Website Redesign featured image

Baltimore Vocal Jazz Ensemble Website Redesign

A proposed redesign of the Baltimore Vocal Jazz Ensemble website(s). Combining both Google sites pages into a single point, full featured web application where the director can manage Users, Sheet Music, and Site content. Also featured is a simple ecommerce solution to sell their merchandise.

  • Completed:
MakeGDD Game Development Document Generator featured image

MakeGDD Game Development Document Generator

makeGDD™ is a Game Design Document creation tool that exports to Microsoft Word format. It supports 1 page, 5 page, and 10 page formats.

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DJ Jubuc Electronic Press Kit featured image

DJ Jubuc Electronic Press Kit

Development of Jubuc's Electronic Press Kit is still in progress. As a highlight in Baltimore's nightlife, he needed a website that would set the focus on his events, mixes and humanitarian work as an outspoken advocate for mental health and Veterans rights.

Full featured Content Management System
Database backed JQuery Audio player
Social media integration
Multiuser support
Responsive Design

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