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Enchiridion CMS version 3

This very website and the Saves-All-Comics web application are powered by my 3rd generation Enchiridion Content Management System. It utilizes the Flask framework with SQLAlchemy to build a robust backend capable of handling users, invitations, and their comic collections.


As an avid reader and purchaser of comics recently, I've been exploring which artists and writers I like best which lead me to readallcomics.com where I could browse to my hearts content, select which series I like the best, and then go purchase them for my collection. A nice, if not always convenient means of browsing comics. It was better than a torrent, at least.

Initially, the idea for Saves-All-Comics started as a proof-of-concept - could I even pull this off on a rudimentary level?

Familiarizing myself with the BeautifulSoup 4 Python library, I figured out a way to parse the site information, grabbing only the images of the comic issue and compressing them into a .cbr comic archive - which involved creating a zip archive and then renaming it; a simple, if ugly solution.