Does My Band Need A Website? - 5 Ways To Ensure A Great Music Website

Many artists when looking at their budget constraints ask themselves, "Do I even need a website? I've got {social media profile} and a large following. Shouldn't that be enough?" It very well should be but, alas, it is not. But what's missing that can be provided by a website?

A Website Puts You In Control of Your Brand

Uploading your content to other sites gives them certain rights when you agree to the Terms & Conditions for undisclosed periods of time (if not indefinite). How likely is it that everyone reads the terms in their entirety and agree to them? Not to mention, these terms as written allow companies to change them on a whim letting them legally do God knows what with content that you worked hard to create and make money off of it when you aren't. Users are incentivized to patronize the social site; not necessarily your content.

A Website Is The Main Hub of Your Brand Identity

In today's increasingly digital world, your website acts as your business card. Your social media profiles should be thought of as outposts to drive your fans to a place you where you control the narrative of your art. Try this: search your band on google. What comes up? Ideally, on the left column should be a list of sites a profiles with your brand name starting with your .com website; on the right column should be your location and contact information. If google does not look like this on a search of your brand you are missing out on a GOLD MINE of exposure. You're Expected To Have A Website When dealing with industry representatives, what do you think would impress them more? A Facebook page or a sleek, well laid out website that explicitly gets your message across and shows you in your best light? The fact of the matter is that maintaining your own brand lets industry representatives know that you are serious about what you do and that their investment of their resources in your career is worthwhile. Your fans on the other hand are able to truly get immersed in what your music is truly about.

So How Do You Make A Great Band Website, Then?

Get The Right Domain Name

Getting a www.yourband.{com|net|org} domain is your most crucial step toward gaining brand independence. Avoid obscure or regional Top Level Domains (.com|.net|.org)

Use A Simple, Responsive and Attractive Design

Responsive design is a web design & development technique that allows a site or system to react to the size of a user's screen. There are TONS of benefits to a great, responsive design including, but not limited to:

    • Increased sales and conversion rates
    • Dramatically Increased ranking with Google and other search engines
    • Saving time and cost on mobile development and maintenance
    • Better and more frequent backlinks

Make Sure Essential Content Is Displayed On The Front Page

Place your more engaging and informative content on your front page where users will see it within seconds.

    • Press shots
    • Music player and links
    • Show dates
    • Mailing list signup
    • Social links
    • Bio



      Include a Mailing List or Signup Form

      Email is still a direct line to your users and in heavy use. Offer your users an incentive to give up their contact info (downloads, coupons, discount codes).

      Feature Links To Social Media

      Leverage your social accounts to draw your fans back to a central hub that you have complete control of.
What other tools do you think can be leveraged to promote your band?