Bryan Bailey

A.A. Network Administrator
Core Web Skills

My goal is to work with people and businesses who are looking to take charge of their web presence. There is no doubt that control of your brand in this day in age is of the utmost importance and there are exciting opportunities in the web and digital space for people to run thriving businesses. I want to educate people on these business platforms so there are more accessible to people with good ideas and those offering great services or products.

Honed my skills working with the State of Maryland and Bethesda Game Studios in network and systems administration. I have decided to take the skills I have gained and offer them to people that have fantastic ideas and products but lack the technical skill to explore options and opportunities through the web. I am passionate about helping others pursue their goals. My design style is professional, minimalistic and clean.

Bryan Bailey | Web Designer


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Website Design

Having a website with a 100% unique look that is also simple and intuitive for customers to navigate can be a huge competitive advantage. If you aren't interested in using an existing theme or template, I wil develop something new and unique for your business. All of my websites are built to be mobile first which Google rewards with better search results over time.

How can I help?
  • Initial consultation
  • 5 design revisions
  • Site mockups, layout and interaction design
  • All file formats and original mockup files
  • Cloud file storage
  • Comprehensive site map

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Your logo speaks volumes about your business and will be the focal point for how your customer base sees you. A solid design that matches your company's mission will relay to customers what you stand for and set the tone for how they relate to you. I will create a logo and brand image that best matches your company's mission

How can I help?
  • Initial consultation
  • 10 design revisions
  • All file formats and original photoshop/Illustrator files
  • Cloud file storage

Simple, Speedy Site Development

Choose one of my custom designs or a number of different templates to turn your vision into a functioning live product. I use front end development best practices with a mobile first methodology to make sure your business has the best chance possible.

How can I help?
  • Live website with optional landing page
  • Informational sub pages (About, Team, Contact, etc.)
  • Contact form implementation
  • Email newsletter sign up form implementation
  • Social media linkage and integration
  • Contact information

Content Management System Development

For an end product that supports frequent context updates, trackable email marketing campaigns, event monitorying, news announcements, etc, I will build a completely customized solution best suited toward your business needs. A Content Management System allows you to implement more complex business ventures. We can easiy turn your web front end into an ecommerce solution or give you the ability to take orders through your website and track even more complex data about your customer base.

How can I help?
  • Blogging functionality (drastically helps with SEO)
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Event calendar implementation
  • Location functionality
  • Plugin development

Organic Search Improvement

Help your business get better results with Google search. This is an important aspect of your brands online marketing strategy and you should be staying current. How, why and where you show up on Google search is extremely important for any business. I can improve your internet visibility

How can I help?
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Meta tags for description, title, and keyword optimization
  • Content keyword implementation
  • Appropriate image alt & title tagging

Pay as You Go Support

Post development relationships with my clients are extremely important to me. However, the demand for my continued services may drop off as your business stablizes with your shiny new web product. I offer free fixes for any issues that might pop up and a pay as you go policy for any new features.


Where your site lives is important from a performance and security standpoint. That said, I prefer to work exclusively with Amazon Web Services with new hosting accounts as they offer a secure and flexible set of services that will be 100% under your control. I will program your infrastructure so that there's never a lapse in service. I can include domain name and hosting services into your estimate.

Social Media & Website Management

Don't have the time to put in to managing website updates or social media marketing campaigns? Let me do it for you so that you can free up your time for your higher priority business tasks.

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